Sparkling Christmas Cocktails

holiday cocktail recipe cranberry

Happy Christmas Eve!  I hope you’re home, spending some relaxing time with family and friends.  I’m preparing for a little cocktail party that I like to have on Christmas eve which incorporates both sides of our families and any friends who wish to stop by.

Since we don’t have children, I always felt like Christmas eve was lacking some sort of spark.  We don’t set out milk & cookies for Santa or read “T’was the night before Christmas”, but we still want to do something festive with those we love.  So, we started having this cocktail party and made the ‘eve’ about just hanging out and really letting the joy of the season set in with anyone who has the time to swing out to our place.  Last year I think we got into playing cards and listening to carols.

christmas champagne cocktail

This year, I’ve got a full menu planned out with heavy nibbles (mini ham sammys, cheese straws, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, a giant cheese tray, and lots of cookies!).  Aside from the food, I like to make a very festive cocktail.  It’s really the only night of the year I feel compelled to make my big manly guy friends drink frilly drinks from gold confetti glasses. They might retire to the scotch after a few, but the ‘signature’ cocktail definitely takes a load off my shoulders when it comes to setting up a bar for such a wide range of people who come through.

For my signature cocktail this year, I’m making a Sparkling Cranberry Blush.  It’s so easy and SO good.  Keep on for the full recipe and some very fun tips to keep the drink festive!

christmas cocktail

This is such an easy cocktail to serve at an open house because you can set up glasses with the appropriate amount of liqueur and cranberries (frozen!) in the bottom of the glass, then as guests stop by, just top it off with prosecco and bam! instant cocktail without mixing or fussing. I did some frozen little skewers of cranberries on a spring of rosemary just to give it that extra je ne said quoi.

champagne cocktail christmas

It’s easy AND beautiful!  Another little tip is that I get these tiny 187ml bottles of prosecco so that the bubbles are extra fresh all night long! If you can’t find cranberry prosecco in your local store you can make your own (it takes about 3 weeks) or you can mix a half ounce cranberry vodka with a half ounce Chambord (raspberry liqueur).

Give it a try, you’re definitely going to love it.  Any special Christmas cocktails up your sleeves?



p.s.  love the confetti glasses?  There is a set being given away as part of the 24 Merry Days giveaways!  Hop over to Funkytime to enter!

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