Spiced Plums for Fall

spiced plums

I love doing creative things to prolong the gorgeous fruits and veggies that are available this time of year. While jam isn’t my speed, I wanted to create something spiced that integrated all of the wonderful flavors of fall into the late summer fruits that are still available in abundance.

I thought spiced plums would make an amazing addition to a fall martini, bread, beef tenderloin, or anything really.  I found this recipe for raw fruits in simple syrup.  I wanted to take it one step further however, and add spices.

Truth be told, you can do this whole thing without actually canning anything.  You would just need to use the plums within the week as you would any fresh fruit or veggie that you keep in your fridge. Either way, you’ll get some great tasting plums, it just depends on how long you’d like to keep said plums.

spiced plum ingredients

spiced plum recipe

fall spiced plums

If you’re the kind of person who wants to keep some of the spiced goodness around until Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can go the canning route which isn’t nearly and daunting as it seems (and is even easier with the beautiful french terrines!

To preserve the plums in swing top glass terrines, I followed this video from the maker of the jars.  It’s much easier than the lids pieces and parts of the canning jars and I personally think they’re prettier. For the spiced plums, just ensure that you pack the plums in tightly and fill the apple juice to the bottom metal rim before processing.

canned spiced plums spiced plums for fall

I canned a couple of jars according to the video (not shown) and also just put some of the leftover mixture into the balance two jars to be used later this week.  gingerbread with spiced plums anyone?

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