Spooky & Elegant Halloween Candles

elegant halloween decorations

Halloween decorations usually scare me, but not in the right way.  They’re scary because they’re typically void of style.  My efforts around the fall season are solely on creating some clever and stylish nods to the spirit of the season without turning my home into a haunted house (well… no more than it already is, but that’s a story for another day).  So in the spirit of an elegant halloween, I give you, the skull shadow candles.

I was thinking about this darling heart candle that’s been making it’s way around the internet for a couple of years and the idea to do a version for a creepy skull version came to me. What’s best about the project, is that it is so easy to adapt.  If you don’t like the skulls, you could do a bat or a spider or a ghost.  The sky is really the limit.  And better yet, it’s completely easy. 


Although I did take a little more of a difficult route (I created my own decals with my cricut) it would be so easy to just use a good sticker from the craft store as well.  OR if you’ve got a steady hand, just make your own sticker or decal with a craft knife and some painters tape (like in the original tutorial).


  • Clear Glass Jars (spaghetti sauce jars or baby food jars would work wonderfully)
  • Decal or sticker
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Tweezers

DSC_2241 copy

Place a sticker or decal onto the front of your jar.  Remove any backing and be sure to smooth the edges so they’re stuck on well. Then, spray the jar with black spray paint and let it dry overnight.

DSC_2243 copy

DSC_2247 copy

Once your paint is dry, be sure to peel away the decal or sticker very carefully.  Try to trap it with tweezers from the very center instead of the edge so that you don’t scratch the paint. Then, place some candles inside the jars and illuminate your night with a spooky (and also kind of pretty) halloween spirit.




I can’t decide where in my house I am going to put these!  I want to put them in my living room, but also in my dining room and on my back porch.  I suppose I’ll have to make several more!

If you do have a cricut and are interested in the exact image I used, you can get them here and here.


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