Spring Cleaning for the Masses

1. Caldrea Caddy 2. Lint Free Flour Sack Towels 3.Mrs Meyers Lemon Verbena All-Purpose Cleaner

4. Bon Ami Powder Cleanser 5. Heinz Distilled White Vinegar 6. Mr Clean Magic Eraser 7. Pretty Yellow Gloves

8. Williams Sonoma Signature Apron


I know you’re thinking I’ve lost my marbles.  You cruise over to house of earnest* on your bit of spare time to get your mind off of this hectic world, and I’m telling you to clean.  I see how this looks…

So here is what I did,  instead of thinking of it as ‘Spring Cleaning’,  I thought of it as ‘Getting the winter out’.  I looked around and decided to do just those things that would make me feel ready for spring to come. Clean my appliances?  No, that has nothing to do with spring.  Laundry?  No… again not seasonal.

So I narrowed it to:

1. Cleaning windows and curtains – I have to let that spring light in.

Use white vinegar (1 tbsp to 1 cup water) in a spray bottle with flour sack towels to wipe down windows and sills.  Pretty gloves kept my hands from pickling, and a bright apron held random objects that are found in crevices.  A powdered cleaner would usually scratch and shouldn’t be used on windows, but Bon Ami will get any grime off the glass without scratching it – and its all natural.

*quick tip – Bon Ami can be used to clean anything from sinks and tile to stainless pots and pans, glass, and your antique silver.

2. Cleaning floors and baseboards – All those snowy boots and salt covered paws have destroyed my white baseboards and my dark walnut finished wood floors.

Mr Clean Magic eraser, you’re my best friend.  If you have a dog that slobbers as much as ours, or not too many friends, you’ll probably feel the same way.  I use it for the scuffed up baseboards and I also use a Mr Clean Magic Eraser mop (told you I love him).  The Mr Clean people claim you should just use water but I use that spray bottle of vinegar solution and spray and mop, spray and mop… no puddles of dirty soapy water.

*quick tip – use a scented cleaner like Mrs Meyers on doors and door frames.  It not only does it clean the heavily touched area, but also when people come into the house or whisk through a door, they wall through the smell and think your house is super clean.

3. Shaking out rugs – no more stale winter stench.

I look real classy doing this.  If anyone drove by my house on Saturday, you probably saw me with rugs strewn across my front porch rails beating the crap out of them.

*if you have antique or hand woven rugs, you should have them professionally cleaned, but that means less cleaning for you!  Hurray!

That’s all.  Those three things took me a day to do in my entire house, and the whole place looks like new.  The sun shines in my clean windows and hits my gleaming floors, fresh curtains, and fluffed rugs.

*final tip – wear work-out clothes while cleaning.  Something about it makes me move just a little quicker!

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