Spring Floral Series: Floral Letter for Mother’s Day

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When it comes to flower arranging, you can get as creative as your mind lets you. I love to test, play, and experiment with various ways to make beautiful things.

Today, I’m showing you the DIY project that I taught in last week’s Anthropologie in-store Mother’s Day event!  We had 30 people show up to the Easton Town Center Antro store to learn how to make these letter-shaped flower arrangements… perfect for mothers day.  So, today, ‘M’ is for Mom and I’m going to show you guys how to make a sweet floral ‘M’ for under $15… way cheaper than buying a custom arrangement.

flowers mothers day

Are you excited? 

You’ll need just a few things, some of which you may have at home.

mothers day flowers


  • $5.99 Medium Sized Bouquet from Trader Joe’s.  I chose one with a lot of mums. they’re a great size for this project.
  • 8″ Paper Mache Letter ‘M’ from Joann’s
  • Block of wet floral foam
  • Duct Tape
  • Plastic Kitchen Wrap (not shown)

mothers day floral arrangements

ONE Before starting, fill your sink up with water and place the floral foam on top, letting it sink on it’s own. In the meantime, Use a serrated kitchen knife to slice the corner of the letter just to give yourself a start.  TWO use the start corner to get underneath the top layer of the letter and peel it off completely with your hands. THREE cover the entire letter in a generous piece of plastic wrap.

flowers for mothers day

FOUR grab your floral foam from the sink (step one) and cut it into logs about the size of butter sticks… approx 1″ x 1″.

mothers day flower gift

FIVE cut the logs to fit inside of the letter, on top of the kitchen wrap. SIX cut as creatively as you’d like, but keep in mind that the more cuts you make now, the harder the next steps will be. SEVEN trim the plastic wrap to about a half inch around the perimeter of the letter.

mothers day gifts

EIGHT snip each flower stem at just 1/2 inch, then press it into the floral foam.  Use smaller flowers, very close to the base of the foam to keep the shape of the letter as much as possible.

unique gift for mothers day

mother day presents

NINE in just one corner of the letter, use some various flowers to give the overall arrangement a little interest. TEN go back in and fill in any exposed foam with greenery.

mothers day floral arrangemnts

flowers gift mothers day

And there you are!  It’s not super super easy, but it’s pretty when it’s done.  One of the big things to remember is to keep the flower blooms very close to the foam (don’t let them stick out too much), and use small heads.  The larger flowers you use, the harder it will be to tell what the letter is.

It’s a temporary thing, since it’s live, but it’s way less expensive than a custom arrangement from a 1-800 number and it’s personal!

I like the way it turns out enough to do a word for a party or something too!

How do you feel?  Is it something you’ll want to do?

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