Spring Floral Series: Floral Necklace

how to make a flower crown

It’s been a while since I teased you guys with this post where I made a floral necklace.  It’s finally time for my very last spring floral series post to teach you a fun little floral arranging project on how to make this flower necklace.  The necklace could very very easily be a floral crown, so you could use this tutorial for either outcome.

I love the idea of a statement necklace from flowers because it’s so wearable.  Chunky statement necklaces are everywhere and wearing one made entirely from this spring’s flowers is such a pretty take on the trend. The fabulous part is that you could use any colors or flowers you prefer to really make it your own



Are you excited to learn the easy way to get this look?  You just need a few materials and a little patience to make this amazing project.



  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Wire Cutters
  • Flowers – I just used anemones, mums, and some yellow filler.
  • Ribbon (optional)


ONE measure out enough wire to go around your neck at the desired necklace length with about 1″ of overlap in the back. TWO Start with one of your focal flowers and about 1/3 of the way down the wire, tape it to the wire with your floral tape.  If you haven’t used floral tape before, tear off about 6″, give it a little tug to stretch it out and let the gumminess come through.  Then wrap it around the stem, ensuring that you’re overlapping the tape a lot.  Floral tape doesn’t really stick to the flower or the wire, it sticks to itself (like plastic wrap) so it’s important that there is lots of overlap when you’re wrapping.

DSC_5419 DSC_5422

THREE after your initial flower is taped down bundle a piece of filler and some of your other flowers around it and tape.  FOUR repeat this bundle on the opposite side of the ‘necklace’ creating the two ends of the necklaces focal point.


FIVE once you have the two edges of the necklace formed with the flowers facing sideways, you’ll want the flowers in the center to be viewed straight on.  To do this, cut the flower stems very short and stick a wire into the stem and up into the flower a little bit, then tape around the stem and wire.

DSC_5427 DSC_5428 DSC_5429

SIX cut your wired stem to about 1.5″ and insert it into the other stems, twisting the wire up and around to secure. Repeat this, covering all of the exposed wire in the center of your two ends.



And that is all there is to it!  Keep in mind that this will only last a night, so don’t make it too difficult or stress about the little details.  Whatever you can wire together to make it look cute is all that matters since this isn’t a long term accessory.

It’s stunning though and will definitely impress at your next event!

Have fun with this one!

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