Spring Floral Series: Hand-tied Bouquet

floral styling series header how to make a bouquet

We just have two segments of our Spring Floral Design Series left! Then it will be summer… can you believe it? Today’s tutorial is a bit on the summery side and teaches how to make a hand-tied bouquet which is perfect for giving as a gift at parties or even for an event like an outdoor wedding.

If no events come to mind, however, don’t worry.  The hand-tied method is also really wonderful for getting a round nose-gay type look to a vase arrangement (as shown below).  Whatever your plans, this is an easy (and really fun) technique that is quick to master, so you should give it a try.

handtied bouquet tutorial

Just like our other tutorials you’ll need at least 4 flower types, although I recommend 5.  Choose the following types of flowers:

    • A focal flower, like the sunflower used here
    • A tall flower, like the snapdragon used here
    • A ‘wild card’, which can be anything you’d like, I used tulips
    • Two filler type flowers, Peruvian Lilies and Mums are used here
    • Greenery, I used lemon leaves (also called salal) in this bouquet

Clean all of your flower stems of ALL leaves, just tear them off.  You won’t want any leaves on your stems for a bouquet because most of them will fall below the flower line and cause the stems to get very messy. Make sure you do this before you start.  You cannot do it as you go.  Also before you start, snip a 2 foot section of twine to secure the stems when you’re done.

how to make a hand-tied bouquet 10

ONE start with a single focal flower in your non-dominant hand.  TWO add on another flower at a 45 degree angle to the first flower and then turn the bouquet a quarter turn.  THREE add on another flower, again at a 45 degree angle. Turn the bouquet a quarter turn again.

how to make a hand-tied bouquet 11

FOUR repeat this method with each flower in your arsenal FIVE start back at the first flower you used (focal) and repeat again.  Keep repeating this add & twist method alternating all of your flowers until your bouquet is the size you’d like. SIX after the 3rd round, the shape should start to be more evident.  Make sure to look at the bouquet from the top and ensure that flowers are nicely spaced.

how to make a hand-tied bouquet 12

SEVEN your stems should be as wide as your bouquet top, cinching in the middle where you’re holding it.  EIGHT grab a piece of twine or string and wrap it tightly about 4-5 times around then stems, then knot. NINE snip all stems to be the same length.

If the bouquet is balanced, it should stand up on its stems on its own! Go ahead and cover the twine in a ribbon if you’d like, or if you want to wrap all of the stems together (like for a wedding) you can do that as well.


how to make a flower bouquet for a wedding

The hand motion just takes 2-3 times to get better at, so follow all of the directions once (without tying it) then take it apart and do it again for practice.  Once you get the knack it’s easy to whip one up here and there.  This is actually how I put together small vase arrangements to keep them compact – just be sure to cut the stems shorter if you’re putting them in a vase!

How do you like this one?  You think you’ll give it a try (or two)?

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