Spring Floral Series: The Low Wide Vase

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floral styling in a low shallow bowl

I gave you guys a sneak peek of this arrangement yesterday when I was teaching you how I made this vase (and for under $6).  But today is the day we learn how to make this floral design.  You could use any low, wide vase if you have one on hand, however. It’s absolutely perfect for your Easter table centerpiece.  You’ll wow your family with this one. Aren’t you guys excited?  I am.

I purposefully sought out flowers that had a more romantic, english garden type look instead of the very traditional spring, but if you switched out the roses for irises and the trailing greens for something tight like lemon leaves, you’d have a totally different look.

low wide vase flower arrangement

flower varieties

For a color scheme, I stuck with a monochromatic pinky purple theme.  My flower choice broke down as above.  Recall from my previous posts on floral design that I like to choose a few greens, a focal flower (here the dahlias because they’re the largest), a tall flower (here the larkspur), some irregularly shaped flowers (tulips and roses for me) and the filler which is wax flower here.

Putting them together in a really shallow vase could be a disaster without my favorite floral tool… foam. Don’t be scared, if you’ve never used floral foam before you’re going to love how easy it is.  Let’s start with the step by step shall we?

floral styling materials

Let’s start with your materials!

  • Flowers:
    • About 30 total stems of greenery in two or three varieties
    • Seven stems of a focal flower (large bloom)
    • Six stems of a tall flower (I used larkspur, but you could substitute snapdragons or stock, anything tall and pointy)
    • Ten total stems of fun, alternatively shaped flowers (I used tulips and roses, you could use ANYTHING that you love as long as the bloom isn’t larger than the focal flower)
    • Filler flower.  I used wax flower, but you could use baby’s breath, stock, heather, or even those little green hydrangeas.
  • Wet Floral Foam – 1 block
  • Vessel

A little side note before we get started.  I start from scratch teaching how to cut, store, and arrange simple designs here.  This year, we’re getting a little more difficult, but still totally do-able.  That being said, these are floral designs… meaning they’re totally up for interpretation!  Make my steps as a guide, but do what feels natural to you! Here we go!

foam floral design greenery placement floral design green placement

Start with a collar of greenery in alternating varieties.  This layer of greenery should be almost perpendicular to the table so that in drapes below the rim of the vase.  Then fill in the center with the greenery evenly throughout.

Once you’ve filled in all your greenery, go back in with your filler and evenly distribute.

floral design filler placement

It already looks nice, right?

Next, take one of your focal flowers with the most straight stem.  Stick in straight up and down into the very center of the arrangement.

floral design focal flower placement

floral design flower placement

From there, put three focal flowers in a triangle around the center flower.  These should be placed about halfway between the top/center and the rim of the vase.  Then, take your remaining three focal flowers and place them almost perpendicular to the vessel (like your first round of greens) staggered in between your previous three flowers.

Then, come in with the tall flowers, and place them in between your top triangle of focal flowers and then also in between the lower triangle of focal flowers.

floral styling tall flower placement

floral styling tulip placement

Get out your irregularly shaped (wildcard!) flowers and place them intermittently between the focal and tall flowers.  Look for a bare spot and place them there!  Make sure they’re evenly spaced from all sides/angles.

I used the roses more as a small little accessory in one corner rather than all over, but you could do it either way.  Since spray roses come in little bunches, they look nice just here and there.

floral design rose placement

You’re all done placing flowers, but if you still feel like there are blank spots, you can place a few extra flowers where you think the blank spaces are, or you can cut some pieces of greenery really short and surf these down in the under layer to hide the foam like a forest floor.

floral arrangement in a low shallow bowl

How do you feel?  Do you think you’re ready to give it a try?  Let me know if you have any questions and we’ll get you into this arrangement in no time.

Happy designing, friends!


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