Spring Floral Series: The Small Bunch

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Are you guys excited?  We’re ready for the second post in our spring floral design series and today, I’m going to show you guys how to make a gorgeous small arrangement.  This particular arrangement is made in a juice glass, so it’s a great example of how you can break down bunches of flowers to make gorgeous smaller designs to add a pop of spring color anywhere in your home.  Using your juice glasses instead of a larger vase means the flowers stretch a little farther, and you save moolah.


I usually make one for my bedside, my kitchen, my office, and my bathroom.  If you need a quick refresher on caring for flowers when you bring them home, stem placement, and more, read last year’s series called, beginner blooms.

Let’s get started!


To start, you’ll need:

  • Flowers – check out the last post in the series on how to choose flowers to see how I arrived at today’s selection!
  • Scotch Tape
  • A small juice glass


ONE cut the scotch tape down the center to create a thinner piece. Using both sides of the tape, divide the juice glass in quarters. TWO Start with your greenery.  I’m using seeded eucalyptus.  Cut the greenery at double the height of the glass. and put one stem in each of the four taped quadrants, creating a foundation for your flowers.

DSC_4264 DSC_4267

THREE start with your focal flower – your largest one.  Here I’m using garden roses as my focal flower, but since they’re so big, I’m only using three. The garden roses are cut to one and a half the length of the glass. Place three into your grid, equally placed apart. FOUR move onto the second variety (here, ranunculus), placing them in-between the roses.  I used 5 total ranunculus stems along with some of the little buds.  Then move onto the third variety (I have used tulips) in the exact same manner.  Be sure the colors and sizes are varied, so there is an equal amount of each flower from every side of the arrangement and from the top. FIVE follow up with your filler flower to put color into any blank areas.  Cut your fillers just a tad shorter than your other flowers so they sit just below the heads of your main blooms.  That keeps focus on your favorite flowers! SIX last, go back and stick one or two smaller length pieces of green into the arrangement to bring the texture and color of the greens up from just around the edges into the main floral area.

DSC_4270 DSC_4274 DSC_4276

Give it a twirl and look at it from all sides.  You can take out a stem, recut, and replace if you don’t like how it’s laying.  Since flowers are natural things, sometimes they aren’t perfectly straight and you have to work with their tilts and curves.  It shouldn’t take too many flowers to fill up your juice glass, so you can make a few to scatter around your house.


What do you think?  Are you up for giving it a try?


If you’re up for learning some of the basics, go back and read through my ‘beginner blooms‘ series that I did last year!  You’ll learn about how to cut stems, my thoughts on flower placement, and more.

To read all of this years’ series (so far) go here!


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