Spring into Action

When it comes to having an old farmhouse, some things need much more maintenance than others.

I was planning on kicking off this past weekend with a little landscaping and hanging some big boston ferns on the porch, but when I walked around to the front of our home, I realized that I should probably get a lot more serious about the exterior than just some pretty plants.

Our porch is in poor shape.  The lattice is broken and falling off, there are floorboards that need repair, and the whole thing needs a good scrub and new paint.

Last fall, I posted about the exterior as a whole, and painting and fixing the porch was a big chunk of that to-do list.  We did get a new roof and I updated our house numbers and porch light, which made me feel accomplished, but with summer looming, I can’t ignore the porch anymore.  I need to get myself in gear!

Four years ago we painted the porch ourselves, but this time I am really thinking about outsourcing the work and leaving it to the professionals.  Have you guys ever had your exterior painted?  Did you hire out, or DIY?

I hope your Monday is off to a great start!

P.S. how about my little hostas poking out of the ground?! I’m pretty excited about them.


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