Spring Monogram Loafers

monogram smoking loafers

I made it back from Las Vegas late last night and now I’ve got spring on the brain.  Although it wasn’t characteristically warm there, it was a hell of a lot warmer than in Ohio and it gave me a taste of the spring weather to come, which was a total tease.

I have been seeing a lot of really cool & chic monogrammed loafers (or slippers, whatever you call them) around recently, from the iconic Stubbs and Wootton to the chic parisian brand Chatelles. I had this image of the Chatelles in my mind one day when I happened across some plain loafers at Old Navy. I picked them up and got to brainstorming about how I was going to get some letters on them. 

Originally, I didn’t even think of using the cricut machine, but then I realized that it would probably be my best option to get a really clean look in just the right size. Now, do NOT scare off if you don’t have a cricut, you can still buy the glitter iron-on film and just cut it with a craft knife!  I did one set of my loafers with the machine and one set by hand.  Can you tell which is which? Exactly!





Print your letters out in a mirror image and trace around them right on top of the clear film. Then, cut around the tracing with a craft knife.



Peel away the negative (background) of your letter and set it aside.  Stick your metal serving spoon into the shoe to give yourself a solid surface for ironing on your decal. Then iron it on with your iron at the highest heat setting.



DSC_9169_1  DSC_9146_1

They’re fun, but chic as well.  I have also secured another pair to put some glitter skulls on! I think these are the perfect shoes to make the winter to spring transition in my life.

I hope you’ll all make these – promise me if you do, you’ll send us a photo!

Have a great one, friends!

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