Spring Summer 2016 Maternity Capsule Collection

maternity capsule collection

When it came to the time for me to start wearing maternity clothes, let’s just say I was underwhelmed.  If you’ve ever stepped foot into a maternity store, you’ll know exactly what I mean.  The clothes are not only uninspired, but they’re expensive!  Who wants to pay an arm and a leg for something that is so… meh.

But this isn’t just about maternity clothes, so even if you’re not expecting, keep reading.

I put together the start of a summer capsule collection that was based on some basic pieces – and not really that maternity.  It was just built on regular pieces that I wore everyday and loved, but could also get a size larger or in a maternity fit if necessary.  Then, for the flair, I turned to the professionals for a little bit of help.  I worked with Redress last year for my European vacation packing list and was excited to work with them again for this maternity capsule collection.  Both Angela and Cara of Redress have children and have some great experience with what works well.  They had some great ideas for items where maternity pieces aren’t necessary vs areas where it’s absolutely a must (I go into detail in the source list links at the bottom of the post). If you’re in the Columbus area and are in an outfit rut, you must call them. They’ll show you things that are possible with pieces you have that you never dreamed of.

After a morning of testing out purchases and creating outfit ideas, I narrowed it all down to under 35 pieces (not counting shoes & accessories) that work so well together that they can form over 150 (or more!) outfits.  That is enough outfits for five months.

spring summer maternity capsule collection

With all of these pieces, and the 150+ outfits you can create, the mind can get a little overwhelmed.  I mean, have you every looked into your closet blankly just hoping an outfit idea would pop out? Well, I have a solution for you – even if you’re not shopping for maternity wear.  I’m sharing five of my favorite outfits below.  I have a full source list of all of these pieces – many of which are not maternity, just sized up for my belly.  These outfits are just the tip of the iceberg though.  I told you that these pieces make over 150 outfits, right?  So I didn’t include the super obvious ones, but I did create a full 135 outfit PDF lookbook along with style notes on each of my styled creations. The lookbook is meant to be used as a reference guide.  The same way that I woke up each morning in Europe and just flipped through my phone for an appropriate outfit for the day, I now do the same with these outfits.  Getting ready and looking polished has never been quicker for me.  I’m not staring into my closet anymore with a blank stare.

outfit examples maternity

A lot of people who are advocates for capsule collections say the same thing.  It reduces the time spent getting ready, but since the ‘collection’ is so well curated and each piece complements the next, you always look really put-together.  Even though I’ve been wearing the same 35 pieces for the last month already, I’ve received more compliments from people I see regularly about how they love that I have a specific style.  That’s what having fewer choices will do.

This lookbook and it’s 135 outfits are a quick go-to guide so that you don’t have to think for more than a minute about what to wear each morning.  It’s not something I typically do for the blog and it was a ton of work, but I think it’s something that two months ago when I was shopping for maternity clothes, I would have given my right arm for.  I think it’s worth it’s weight in gold. Ok, not gold, but it’s a crazy value nonetheless.  You can get the whole 113 page look book for less than lunch at Chipotle (with guac, of course, because you must have guac).

Click here to buy the full look book and it’s 135 outfits for $14

Or take a look at the preview first

I also have links to every single one of the pieces showcased for you if you need any of the pieces that I use.

Full Maternity Source List

Full Non-Maternity Source list

If you’re interested, act quick!  The look book will be on sale for $14 for just the month of May, then will go to $19 (still a steal!)

I hope you guys ENJOY!  It’s packed with amazingness.


p.s.  if you know someone who is expecting, forward this on!  I’d love to reach the people who are struggling with having a collected and polished pregnancy look like I was.

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