Sputnik Light Makeover for the Attic


When I last posted about the third floor space, I shared a list of things still to be done.  One of those things was an updated light fixture.  You saw from my inspiration posts that I was looking for something modern, like the mid-century sputnik styles.

attic light before and after

I had my eye on a few different styles, but all were a little pricey.  I saw this fixture at Lowes for just under $70 and loved the shape, but really wanted it to be gold.  For the low price, I felt like I could justify painting it myself with my handy can of gold spray paint.

DSC_4216 DSC_4217 DSC_4226

I think it turned out nicely and it was more than half the price of the inspiration piece.  Since it’s a room we spend very very little time in, I was hesitant to spend too much, but certainly wanted to complete the look and update the terrible halogen fixture that we had.

How do you like the change?  It certainly adds some character with a much needed style update!

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