Stay Warm and Cozy with Etsy


I’m baaack! It felt so good last night to drive up to my house, smell that fall was still in the air, and step into a warm house.  This got me thinking about two things – firstly, how thankful I am for being blessed with a warm home, and secondly how excited I am that I didn’t completely miss fall! I still have  few weekends of true fall left to enjoy the football, leaves, and warm days turning to cool nights before the season shifts over to the holidays (which are awesome too).

Aside from being ecstatic to be home, I’m happy to have a warm and cozy post today over on Etsy’s blog featuring the most cozy items for a truly warm and comfortable fall.  I have just a sampling of the amazing items here, but much more await – check out the full post on Etsy and make sure to come back and let me know which one is your favorite!

Firepail from Leftover StuffPeach Candle by Evo LuxeBirch Logs from Maine Garden ShedCutting Board by Gray Works Design, Fire Starter by Remington’s TreasuresRobe by Linum Studio, Soap by Soapy Sweet Treats, Sheepskin Rug from Redrope Farm.

Have a COZY Tuesday!

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