Sticks and Stones

I did start my white painting project this weekend, but in between cleaning the office and painting sample colors in large squares on the wall, I got onto some other decorating tangents.  This stick “redo” being one of them. 

I feel that elements of nature have always been a big part of home decor (probably since the dawn of time), however there is still a certain amount of trend surrounding their use and sometimes an update is in order.  There is currently a general trend toward natural authenticity and these sticks are just too groomed and linear.  I replaced them with something smaller, and with a more organic shape.  Since the focal point is lower and smaller, I added a chest, tray, and some other small accessories to finish off the look.

*This is where the ‘stones’ from the title come in!

How do you feel about the stick re-do?  Better or worse?

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Have a great Monday!!

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