Style Splurge: Custom Drapes

It’s one of those things that always looks so amazing, but can be hard to justify splurging on – custom drapes.  There is no doubt they can make a huge difference in a room, adding emphasis to architectural detail and shielding out light, but how many of us actually splurge on them?

I admit that there is only one room in my home with custom window coverings, and by custom, I mean that they’re made by me because my bedroom windows are too tall for ‘off the shelf” varieties.  They do make me super happy, however, and I’ve been considering purchasing them for other rooms in my home.  I’ve been drawn to companies that offer made to measure panels, in a variety of styles so that I can be sure to find exactly what I want, without totally disregarding a budget.

Even if you’re not huge on drapery, I love the idea of doing custom roman shades, like these, to give a room a very finished look without being overbearing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, however.  Some people swear by custom curtains and others wouldn’t bother.  What is your take?


I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday out there!


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