Style Splurge: Original Art

Art is one of those things that is personal and just jumps out and gets you, which is something (other than the price tag) that makes it a splurge. Sometimes it just feels too frivolous to spend a lot of money on something just because it’s beautiful.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about buying an original piece of art for my dining room.  Something that is modern, fun, colorful, and feminine.  I absolutely adore the gallery wall in the home office of Erika Brechtel who owns and runs Small Shop Studio and think a bold pop of color is just what I need.

1. Brittany Bass – Moss Growth IV 2. Meg Birim – better this time than ever before 3. Jen Ramos – The Beginning 4. Michelle Armas – Save the Bugle

Which is your favorite?  I know which one I’m leaning towards!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Tuesday!

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