Summer Challenge: Update #1

first update photo

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  Ours was a little rainy, which really put a damper (literally) on the Moroccan dinner party we had scheduled for Friday night. We ended up doing it last night and have photos to come this Wednesday! I can’t wait to show you all how it turned out.

Today, I’m giving you all a little update on how my Uke playing has been progressing for our Summer Learning Challenge, for which I challenged you guys to learn something new this summer and keep me and the Earnest Home community up to date on your progress!  I will mention, that I posted this today, TOTALLY blanking on the fact that our scheduled update is actually next week (July 6th)… not this week…I totally jumped the ukulele here.

While I’ll still hold you all to the official schedule (below), I’ll still share how my progression has been going (and I’ll share again next week to get myself back on schedule).

I have always loved ukulele songs and have a soft spot in my heart for Hawaii, so I thought it would be a nice summer project. I’ll preface this first video by saying a few things… 1) This was filmed at 7am this morning when I just woke up, pardon my appearance. 2) I have never played a string instrument (or any instrument for that matter, because I think the month I was in band in 5th grade doesn’t count).  Alright, here is how far I’ve come:

So, you can see that I’m inching along here, but that is totally ok!  I think where people often get tripped up on starting something new is the actual STARTING part, which is why updates and accountability are so important. So, let me know how far you’ve come NEXT MONDAY by sharing any videos, photos, or updates on your own blog or on social media!  If you’re blogging, link back to this post (and I’ll share your links!) and if you’re posting on social, be SURE to use the hashtag #earnestchallenge so I can find you and share with our other readers!

Disregard the gazillion times in the video that I mention reconvening in two weeks… it’s actually three weeks from next Monday, as per the office schedule below. I’m just a little off my rocker today.


Earnest Home Summer Learning Challenge (aka #EarnestChallenge)

Friday, June 12th – Reveal your skill!

Let us all know what you’re going to be challenging yourself to learn this summer.  It can be anything big or small, but it HAS to be something you have no experience with. Even if it’s something you can’t really tackle in just 12 weeks (like mastering mandarin) this will give you a jump start! Think of it like your very own version of MTV’s Made.

Monday, July 6th – Show us your progress!

It’s just been 3 weeks, so it’s still early, but we want to see how it’s going! Snap a photo, a video, or just give us a little update on your blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.  Use the hashtag #earnestchallenge in all of your posts so we can see!!

Monday, July 27th – Halfway there!

You’re halfway through the 12 weeks!  Show everyone how far you’ve come with a new post!

Monday, August 17th – You’re crusin’ now!

It’s likely that you’ll be pretty great at your new skill.  Give us a little peek into how it’s been going.

Monday, Sept 7th – Sound the trumpets!

The challenge is over, but maybe you’re not.  Show us how far you’ve come and what’s next for you.  Share and struggles or roadblocks you hit along the way and any triumphs you’ve celebrated!


Have a wonderful week out there, guys!!

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