Summer Challenge: Update #3


Happy Monday Morning!  Can you believe we’re already at the 3/4th point of our summer challenge?  I for, one, cannot. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to learn how to play the Ukulele (trying being the key word) and a lot of you have been trying your hand at other skills as well.  I know that Instagram follower Pin is also learning to play the Uke while we have TWO Sarahs learning photography (here and here), Ashley is working on tabletop styling, and we have way more people out there learning skills from pickling to watercolor painting.  How fun!!

Today’s update (shot this morning) is kind of a combination of where I am currently in my playing as well as a few words on the point in the learning process where most people give up (but not us!!)

I embarrass myself yet again with another 7am video after a long (LOOONG) weekend of physical labor at our rental property (which you would have caught if you follow on Snapchat @earnesthomeco).

Onto the video!

I hope you all maybe had a laugh at my expense or picked up that learning something is two fold – the learning and the practicing.

Our next (AND LAST!) update is Monday, Sept 7th!  Be sure to convene back here and give me the 411 on how your challenge went and where you currently are in the learning curve!  I cannot wait to see!

Please comment below letting us know where YOU are in your challenge.  If you have a blog, link back and I’ll be sure to share on my next update and be sure the use the hashtag #earnestchallenge if you post about your progress on social media!

Have a happy week!

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