Summer Party Planning: A Hawaiian Luau


souder luau

Goodness, I love planning parties. I love planning parties almost as much as I love Hawaii. If you’ve talked to me for any length of time, it’s quite likely that I’ve tried to convince you to go to Hawaii.  I’ve just been twice, but boy, do I love it. I even snoop around at the real estate here and there! The traces of plumeria that waft through the air create such a sweet and inviting smell.  The people are so nice, it’s easy to get around and the sights are out of this world.  I don’t have a Hawaiian vacation in my future, nor have a lot of my friends been, so I wanted to bring the best of Hawaii to Ohio (they kind of sound the same!!) for a big summer party. aloha luau party planning Not only do I have big plans, but I have the perfect party playlist for the event that you can download! Unlike a lot of the luau parties I’ve seen on Pinterest, this won’t be cheesy whatsoever, and also unlike most summer parties, this one will be a sit down dinner.  I plan to put together a long table in the backyard, surrounded by tiki torches and swathed in colorful linens and vibrant flowers.  Lei’s will be handed out to guests, there will (of course) be a photo booth area,  a ukulele band will play island rhythms while we party, and a whole pig will be cooked ‘Kailua’ style. Once the ukulele band leaves, I’ve already created a fun, island party playlist for the rest of the night. You guys know how I feel about island reggae, but I know it isn’t for everyone, so I’ve included some other fun summer songs as well.

All of the decor will be a mixture of things I already have, DIYs (stay tuned!) and lots of goodies from Pier 1. I’m eying some pretty awesome lanterns and melamine dishes for the table. Now all that is missing are the hula dancers, but I’ve not been able to find authentic ones so far in my area (surprising, right? not!), so I’m bordering on what to do for entertainment there… I’ll think on it! I literally cannot wait.  Especially after putting together my mood board (which I now have printed and stuck to the wall beside my computer), I am really seeing the vibe I want coming together.  Do you see it?  Classy, tropical, romantic, authentic…? Come along for the ride as I show you the things I make, the things I buy, and how the whole event comes together. Until then, Aloha!

photo collage sources clockwise from top left: aloha sign | pink pattern | blood orange margaritas | tiki dress girl | sunglasses | frozen lemonade w/ coconut rum | tiki man | hula dancer | palms | luau invitation




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