Sun-Kissed Ombre Stripes

Sun kissed dye effects are everywhere right now – from tie dye to dip dye and ombre.  On my trip to India last month (yes, it’s August already) I saw so much of this trend being done in the factories and I know it’s as emerging in home accessories as it is in clothes.  I tackled the trend here in a way that is subtle and doesn’t look to home-done and have a very simple strategy that I think you’ll love!

Instead of using dyes, which can be hard to control the saturation, I decided to use bleach to remove color and give me a more sun-faded light look for inside my home.  I love the way it turned out and have literally been bursting at the seams to show you guys this week!  KEEP READING for the full instructions!

All you need for this project is something to dye (preferably cotton based) and some bleach and painters tape.

ONE measure out the stripe design you’d like on your surface with chalk and place the tape on the fabric, pressing firmly on the edges.  TWO using a mixture of 1 part bleach to 2 parts water, spray your item more concentrated at the bottom then further away and lighter in the middle.  Mist the top just ever so slightly to register some stripe, but very very light.  You may have to go back and respray the bottom to ensure the gradient is even.  THREE After about 3 minutes, check under a piece of tape to see if you like the density.  If so, rinse the fabric under cold water until all of the bleach is out, at the end add a little detergent and after it rinses clean, pop it in the dryer or line dry.

*wear gloves during this process and spray the bleach in a breeze-free zone!

I set aside about 3 hours to work on this project and it ended up taking about 30 minutes.  I was surprised how well it turned out since it was my first time!  I really hope you try it!


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