Superb Shelf Surprise


As you know, I spend the better part of last week and the weekend in Salt Lake City for Alt Design Summit. I learned a TON and need a moment to process all of the information! Do you guys want to hear more about it, or are you going to throw up if I mention it again and you want me to just get on with the regular show?

Regardless, today is about the shelf surprise that I came home to at 11pm last night. Matt had been working feverishly all weekend to put together the shelves we had planned to install in our master bedroom. I was blown away by how amazing they were.  At one point, Matt asked me what was wrong because I was silent (which doesn’t often happen).  They just looked so grand, it took me a while to process. 

Everything was exactly as I had planned, and better than I had imagined. I am so excited to get them painted and styled (after all, the styling is my favorite part).

I took off from work today and tomorrow to recover from being out of town, but you know instead of relaxing, I’m off to the store to get some white paint and get going on this!  As always, I’ll show you the next installment of our home progress next Monday (have you guys realized that? I only show my home renovation projects on Mondays?).

Have a SUPERB Monday!

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