Sweet Surprises of the Season

Each year while growing up, the women of my family would get together on Black Friday, not to shop, but to make candy for gifts during the holiday season.  We would make hard candies flavored with cherry, wintermint, or the like.

This year I had to work on Friday, so I ended up making some sweets this weekend out of things I had leftover from the fall season.  The quick and easy part was making the treats, while the longer part was deciding how to wrap them up! It was funny that on the same day Caitlin and Jaisa from Hardly Housewives tweeted asking me if I had any candy/cookie wrap ideas.  I responded that parchment paper and bakery twine is always a good idea, and that is exactly what I used!

I used my leftover saltines from the Thanksgiving stuffing as well as some chocolate bars I had stock-piled in my freezer to make the pine bark (wrapped in squares).  For the sugared cranberries, I used leftover cranberries from my Thanksgiving clafouti and wrapped some up in parchment for individual servings and some got a home in a pretty canning jar.

How do you gift holiday goodies?

Have a TASTY Thursday!

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