• Five Minute Fix: The Laundry Basket

    If you’re thinking, “Ok, Erin, why are we talking about laundry today?” Just wait.  I’m about to blow your mind. I hate laundry baskets.  I don’t even have a really small house, and I still think they’re a total waste of space and efficiency. This […]
  • Finding a Solution to all of Life’s Problems

    Ah, problems… they occur all of the time, to all of us, and on so many different scales.  During our trip to Europe a couple of months ago, we had a big problem in Switzerland that threatened to derail our whole trip.  In the midst of life’s biggest problems, I tend to find myself oddly at ease. Just a few weeks ago my sister-in-law...
  • The Easiest Way to Clean your Makeup Brushes

    When is the last time you actually cleaned your makeup brushes?  If you’re anything like me, it usually spans somewhere between years ago and never. It’s not because it’s particularly hard, it’s just that whenever we think about it right when we’re actually using them and then after that thought has passed we are on our way out the door. This past fall, while I...
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