• Welcome to the New Earnest Home co.

    Well, well, well!  Something might look a tad different around here to you today and for good reason!  We’ve just completed an almost year-long re-brand and re-org journey on this site.  In a few minutes, I’ll jump into showing you around what’s different, but for […]
  • Work From Wherever

    Over the past two years, one of my big goals in life has been to have the ability to work from wherever in the world I choose.  A big reason why this is possible is because of the shop and because of how I’ve set […]
  • My Alter Ego

    Hey Friends!  I know it’s odd to see me around here on a Thursday! Since earlier this year, I’ve been taking Thursday’s off and with good reason… I have an alter ego! Some of you know of this and some of you may be learning […]
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