• Cafe Culture

    I’ve been achingly nostalgic this week about Europe and every piece of me wants to go back as soon as I can.  When talking to Matty about it, the biggest pull for me has been the cafe culture that I saw everywhere while in France and Italy earlier this spring. I miss the rows of colorful chairs, the outdoor heaters, the coffee in the...
  • Tray Chic Coffee Bar

    Raise your hand if you like coffee.  Now, raise your hand if you’ve ever been staying out of town with friends or family and you wake up and there is no coffee to be seen and you feel like such a creep poking around in their cupboards looking for some of the liquid gold trying not to make any noise? Yes, it’s happened to...
  • Natural Maple Cinnamon Coffee Creamer

    If you’re a coffee drinker, your mind is about to be blown.  When I started doing the Whole30 challenge, I realized just how much crap was in a lot of the stuff that I ate and drank and thought were harmless.  I’ve finished the challenge and reintroduced dairy to my life (hello cheese!) and thus, milk in my morning coffee. I love flavored creamers,...
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