• Simply Funny Halloween Decor

    Halloween is my favorite time of the year and I really cannot wait to break out the seasonal decor.  That being said, I’m a pretty big fan of Halloween decor that is understatedly scary or humorous.  Last year’s decor was simple with a lot of […]
  • Avocado Seed Awesome

    Using things either from nature or from other facets of your party make for great accessories.  I might be just a little nostalgic about the fact that this same week for the last couple years we’ve been in Mexico, and we aren’t this year, so whipping up a big batch of guac for a little Mexican party was in order. I was admiring the...
  • Practice and Patience

    To say that I’m ambitious would be an understatement.  I might even be ambitious to a fault.  Unlike a lot of people, it’s not with material things that I have the greatest need for accomplishment, it’s with knowledge.  I want to know everything and I […]
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