• The List Week 2

    Wow, it’s the first full week in a while… how did you do?  For us, it was the first full work week since the first week in December!  We were on vacation which ran us right into the week of Christmas! The ‘long’ week actually felt […]
  • Choosing a 2015 Christmas Theme

    Can you believe that we’re just barley a week and a half away from the start of the holidays?  I know I mentioned it last week, but it’s been such a beautifully warm (and long!) fall, that it doesn’t quite feel like cooler weather and snow are right around the corner… but they are! You guys know that each year, I pick a specific...
  • Earnest Home S/S 15 Inspiration Board

    We’re off and running with the Earnest Home Spring Summer 2015 collection!  My dream with launching the new site was to have the opportunity to merge my work of designing and producing my product line into the daily blog, since it’s a huge chunk of what dominates not only my time, but also my goals!  I want to share with you my workflow for...
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