• Before & After: Dining Room Built-in Open Shelving

    I have such a treat for you all today!  After a few months of building and painting, we finally have our dining room shelving and built-in cabinet space complete!  Although the project certainly didn’t warrant a few months of work, we broke it up into […]
  • Dining Room Progress Update: Chandy Change

    Hey there!  Happy Tuesday to you!  Sorry I was MIA yesterday, I got home from a weekend away in Atlanta and literally just hit the bed as soon as I walked in the door.  Traveling in the third trimester really takes it out of you. […]
  • Simple or Styled?

    As a type A person, I’d drawn toward organized, ‘buttoned-up’ spaces, but sometimes when I’m decorating my home, I need to relax a bit. Both of these rooms are beautiful, but each offers something different.  It all comes down to how you use your room.  […]
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