• Cafe Culture

    I’ve been achingly nostalgic this week about Europe and every piece of me wants to go back as soon as I can.  When talking to Matty about it, the biggest pull for me has been the cafe culture that I saw everywhere while in France and Italy earlier this spring. I miss the rows of colorful chairs, the outdoor heaters, the coffee in the...
  • Travel Guide: Rome

    We’re almost to the end of the trip recaps!  Can you believe it?   I can’t believe it was a month ago we were there.  Rome was our second-to-last stop and like every other city, we took it by storm. I’ve heard plenty of people say that it would take two lifetimes to see everything Rome has to offer, and I believe it.  We...
  • Two Weeks in Europe – Our Itinerary Week 1

    It’s true that the only thing getting me though this cold, dark month is planning our upcoming vacation. We have just two short months until the big trip, so we’ve made a lot of progress on the itinerary.  Before, we only knew a rough outline of where we wanted to go, but as we get closer and closer to the trip, things are starting to...
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