• Farmhouse Files: Hello Down There

    There is a lot that goes on in this crazy old house that doesn’t make the blog.  Mostly because it’s not inspiring or pretty, but sometimes also because it’s just embarrassing.  I know that part of real life is dealing with the not-so-pretty side of home ownership (or rental, for that matter), so I’m sharing all the dirty little bits of real life living...
  • The Farmhouse Files: Red Hot Summer

    Life in a 100+ year old farmhouse has it’s perks.  It also has it’s downfalls.  I’ve started sharing real stories about what living in a century-old house means in my column ‘The Farmhouse Files‘ and it’s not all parties and pretty renovations. The summer is one of the times that a big drawback of farmhouse life is extremely exaggerated.  While you all see a...
  • The Farmhouse Files: What’s That Smell?

    Life on a farm.  It can be idyllic.  I can look beautiful from the outside, and especially on the internet.  Of course, I showcase a lot of the beauty of a country life here as well… but there is a lot of real life going on that I don’t necessarily publicize.  Sometimes because it’s gross, sometimes because it’s embarrassing, and sometimes because it’s so terribly...
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