• Fresh Finds: Poinsettia and Amaryllis

    If the typical potted poinsettia or towering Amaryllis aren’t your thing, or if you’re looking for a little something different this year, this breathtaking floral arrangement by Ariella Chezar is certainly the way to go. She mixed separated pieces of poinsettia with ranunculus, Amaryllis and magnolia leaves for a […]
  • Fresh Finds: We’re on a Roll with Our Christmas Tree

    Have you ever considered a root-ball Christmas tree?  When I talk about it, few people know that you can do this, but buying the entire tree – roots and all- is my favorite way to do Christmas.  If you have a yard and could use […]
  • Fresh Finds: Larkspur

    I was out-of-town for a long weekend, so not much was done on the home front aside from running to the market last night for some groceries and , of course, so fresh blooms for the house. As soon as I walked in, some fresh Larkspur […]
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