• Two Perfect Days in Positano

    It’s our very last city guide from our European adventure and it’s bitter sweet to be done.  I was reliving each moment as I put together these posts and now, looking through these photos was making me miss Italy so much, and I can’t believe it’s been over a month since we returned. Our last few days were spent in Positano, a town on...
  • Travel Guide: Rome

    We’re almost to the end of the trip recaps!  Can you believe it?   I can’t believe it was a month ago we were there.  Rome was our second-to-last stop and like every other city, we took it by storm. I’ve heard plenty of people say that it would take two lifetimes to see everything Rome has to offer, and I believe it.  We...
  • Three Days in Cinque Terre

    I cannot wait to share this portion of our recent European adventure with you all.  I have been biting at the bit to share more about Cinque Terre because it was a highlight of our trip.  The entire experience was indescribable.  Take this photo for example… there isn’t one filter or edit used on it. The sky and town just looked like that. I...
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