• The Best Summer Lighting for Everyone

    Outdoor lighting can be a little tricky, sometimes you feel like you’re sitting in the dark and other times you feel like your yard is lit up like an airstrip!  With a combination of light from solar, soft LEDs and a twinkling fire, you can […]
  • Work with your hands

    This weekend was so full and so empty all at once. It actually felt like living… and not like hustling. Usually when I work on the weekends, I’m behind a camera or my computer putting together the posts for the week or designing new items for my brand. I’m rushing off to this coffee meeting or another happy hour or trying to quickly fit in...
  • Summer Vineyard Party

    This post is sponsored by Cambria In our house, summer is best spent outside.  Partially because of the gorgeous weather, and partially because in our century-old house, there is no a/c and most of the time, it’s cooler outside in the shade of our wooded backyard. Regardless of my reasons, I think we can all agree that outdoor parties are part of what makes summer...
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