• Buy or DIY: Patio Furniture

    I know I’m headed out of the country in a few short days, but I have already gotten a little antsy thinking about setting up our patio when we get back and the first weekend it will be nice enough to host an outdoor fête. […]
  • Splurge or Save: Cabana Style

      I have a love/hate relationship with outdoor umbrellas.  On one hand, they’re so darn expensive that I feel like if I’m going to shell out some cash, I’m going to get something great.  On the other hand, we lose about two umbrellas each year […]
  • Neon Rope Coasters

    I love buying materials that I like even if I don’t (at the time) have a plan for them.  This project was one of those cases.  While scavenging the aisles at the Home Depot, I found some masonry rope that was the perfect neon pink! […]
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