• Yarn Fringe Pillow DIY

    Happy hump day, friend!  How is your week thus far? All I can say is that the forecast shows sunny and 70’s for the remainder of the week and weekend, which I’m unnaturally excited about.  After snow last weekend and non-stop downpour yesterday, I am really […]
  • DIY Indigo Pillow

    With all of the indigo that I’m planning around here, both in the nursery and in the living room, I have been looking around the internet a lot recently for affordable indigo options.  Most of the vintage and handmade indigo pieces that I’ve seen are […]
  • Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow

    Today, I am bursting at the seams to share this DIY. I feel like I say this every time, but this project has been looming in my mind for a while now.  Ok, so maybe just around 2 months, but still. I doubted whether I could do it with the resources I have in my town and searched online for fringes, trims, sequins, and...
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