• Folded Paper Napkin Ring + Namecard Holder

    So many of the times, the projects that end up being my absolute favorite are also the absolute easiest.  There is just something magical about a really simple project hitting all the right chords.  This napkin ring/name card holder is no joke the most simple and the most beautiful thing that will be gracing my table this Thanksgiving. It’s made of… paper.  Yep.  Just...
  • DIY Paperclip Namecard Holders

    It’s no secret that I love place cards for parties.  They make people feel special and help you to manage who goes where, which doesn’t seem like a large concern until you have 12 or so people standing around staring at each other and trying to figure out where to sit! Anyway, I’ve been wanting to use these vintage wooden spools for a while...
  • Let's Put the 'Fest' in Festive

    I love a good sit-down dinner and Thanksgiving is the ultimate in loungy, relaxed, and festive dinners. Setting a good table not only makes my guests feel welcome and special, but it makes me really happy.  I like to layer different textures, colors, and finishes.  […]
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