• Easy Carved Pumpkins with Style

    I love the idea of carving pumpkins, but usually 0.2 seconds into the affair, I’m wishing I’d done something simpler.  I’m the kind of person who is gung-ho about a super intricate design, but is irritated when it takes me longer than 20 minutes. Last year I used my pumpkin dremel to make some character from star wars for my nephew, but he fell...
  • Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes with Candied Pecans

    I talked yesterday about what a fantastic fall weekend we had and it all started with these absolutely sublime gluten free pumpkin pancakes. They were some of the best pancakes I think I’ve had ever, so I feel like mentioning that they’re also gluten free is really kind of an added bonus. I very very rarely stop in the middle of a meal to photograph it....
  • Your Ultimate Fall Pumpkin Guide

    It’s officially fall tomorrow, so let’s get ready in the best way humanly possible starting today with a pumpkin education.  I am so absolutely obsessed with fall that I usually just dive right into pumpkin purchases willie nilly without any forethought, but that is the exact reason why I’ve had some interesting (not in a good way) pumpkin experiences. Sure, pumpkins are beautiful and tasty,...
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