• Find Your Wild DIY Word Art

    How has your week been going?  It’s been a mixture of super productive and super frustrating for me.  You know when you have a partial week and you can’t decide if squeezing the week’s work into a few days is really worth the days off?!  I’m going to go ahead and say it’s worth it. I’m heading out first thing tomorrow morning to join my...
  • In Calm and in Storm

    It’s been a long week over here, being out of town the last months’ worth of weekends and a big week at work.  How about you? I hope this gives you a little boost this Thursday as well! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!
  • Thoughts for 2012

    While growing up my mom would always tell me, “Just be yourself”. This was usually when I was on my way to cheerleading tryouts, student council elections, college, dates or job interviews. As I was engrossed in self-doubt, she didn’t have any because she knew […]
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