• I’m Still Here

    Wow.  It’s been some time, no?  I never, ever, anticipated taking so much time off from blogging.  I always thought that blogging was a part of my life that would continue to be a part of my life.  I guess it seems nuts to quit working […]
  • It’s Been Awhile

    Wow.  I did not intend to take such a hiatus, but one crazy new life thing led to another and then I looked up from my mountain of busy and it’s been three weeks.  In the life of the blog I had never taken such […]
  • 80 Days of Summer Challenge Complete

    Hey there, friend!  A couple of weeks ago, we reached the end of the Earnest Home 80 Days of Summer Challenge! Now, since the baby came to us a bit earlier than originally anticipated, I didn’t get the full 80 days in before she arrived, but […]
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