• Guilty Pleasures + Life Abroad

    I bet you have a guilty pleasure? Right?  I think it’s pretty normal.  For some of us it’s gossip magazines or bad reality TV.  For some of us, it’s cruising social media and for others its playing that one song on repeat in the car over and over again. For me, it’s scouring international real estate listings. I search in all of the areas that are...
  • House Envy: Hawaiian Paradise

      Tomorrow, I’ll be heading off to Hawaii and I’m not going to lie… I might just explode with excitement. When we were kids, my sister and I used to sleep upside down in our beds on nights when we were too excited to sleep.  […]
  • House Envy: Modernized Barn House

    I love barnhouses.  Actually, love doesn’t even cover it.  I am infatuated with barn houses.  I always talk about my imaginary house that I am one day building which will be the most amazing barn home.  I can wait.  Until that time, however, I will […]
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