• To and From: For Holiday Giving

    Gift giving just got easier.  This holiday season Katie Anderson of Modern Eve and Meg Biram of MegBiram.com put their lovely little heads together to come up with an entire magazine dedicated to gift giving called To & From.  I put in my two cents […]
  • R29 SHOPS + I’m Back!

    I’m back!  I (knock on wood) don’t have jet lag, slept a full night last night and am ready to get back into action.  The trip to India was wonderfully productive from a work standpoint and I got to see a few fun things for myself […]
  • Style Splurge: Design Books

    We’ve all seen books used as a foundation (no pun intended) for many a styling photoshoot around the web and in magazines.  The thing is, once you’re in front of them in a book store, the price tag is sometimes a little intimidating.  Sure, they’re […]
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