• Faux Wooden Box Thanksgiving Centerpiece

    Ok, so sometimes I totally cheat when it comes to decorating for parties.  Why?  Well, usually a gathering is a short-lived event and I don’t NEED to go buy expensive stuff to make it a stunning presentation.  That is why today, I’m sharing a trick for creating a total fake out that I’ve employed several times.  Not only is this long wooden box not really...
  • 5 Tips to Setting a Festive Tablescape

    Creating festive table decor for our parties is actually my favorite part of the entire party!  It’s something that I love spending time playing with and experimenting with different set ups, but something that most people tell me they have trouble with.  I decided to put together my top five tips for creating a compelling table arrangement for your next gathering. Let’s get started! 
  • Glitter + Thanks

    Doesn’t a little gold and glitter just make everything better? It even makes plain old alphabet pasta better (although not from a taste standpoint). Tonight, I’m having a couple of friends (my boss and his wife) over for dinner and wanted to spruce up my […]
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