• The List Week 32

    [show_ms_widget id=”35988558″ image_id=”41847255″ width=”610″ height=”864″] It has really been wonderful for me this week to continue blogging.  Last week, we were on vacation in Michigan getting our fill of the dunes and the waves and I had a little bit of time to reflect on […]
  • The List Week 17

    Happy Friday, friends! So, the weekend is finally here.  The full-house carpet installation is finally happening tomorrow after over two weeks of delays.  I’ve been living like this and this for some time and I’m eager to return to to my office and to a […]
  • The List Week 13

    Happy spring Friday, friend! Is it sunny where you are? I woke up to a very green and very sunny morning and couldn’t be more energized! This week, I worked a lot around the house getting everything ready for the full-house paint and carpet we […]
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