• Three Things to do with a shower curtain ring

    Years ago, when I changed out my old plastic shower curtain rings for nicer, metal ones, I kept the rings knowing they’d come in handy for something.  Over the years, I’ve grabbed one here and there for different uses around the house with my favorite […]
  • Three Things: Summatime

    Regardless of how warm it is outside, it’s hard for me to really believe that it’s summer until after the official solstice.  This week, however, summer sure did show up. The weather has been awesome, the hydrangeas are in full bloom (as evidenced above) and […]
  • Better Handwriting in Three Steps

    When it comes to living in this digital age, handwriting is stressed less and less, but to me, I still think of it as  a vital importance to master.  I remember being very young and wanting so badly to know how to write in cursive. […]
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