• The Best Souvenirs to Buy When Traveling

    If ever there was a time to get a severe case of wanderlust, I would imagine that right after having a baby is fairly common.  For me, it’s a little bit of cabin fever mixed with nearly a year without a (non-pregnant) vacation.  Aside from spending […]
  • Your Next (Kid Friendly) Escape

    Coastal Getaway in Cornwall, England You know we love to travel, and I am determined to keep up the explorations with the little one in tow.  So many people talk about what a hassle it is to travel with small children due to the large […]
  • Long Weekend in Miami

    Well, this is the largest picture of my toes on the internet, that’s for sure. Although I typically hate toe pics (I mean, toes are strange, no?!) I felt like this picture captured what we really did for 3 days in Miami, so it was […]
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