• Coffee & Pregnancy

    “Are you allowed to drink that?” A question I get when getting ready to put my mouth to my cup and take a sip of my beautiful morning brew.  People mean well, I know, but a little part of me gets a bit irritated and […]
  • Spring 2016 Reading List

    This blog and the products I design for my shop used to be my hobby, but after they both turned into my full time work, I began reading a lot more so that I’d have a hobby outside of the internet.  Spending all of my time during the […]
  • Warming Winter Bath Essentials

    I’ve turned into a bit of a winter weenie lately and have been turning to the shower and bath solely as a method of defrosting my inner core.  There is just a certain level of cold that can only be solved by a super warm bath.  Today, I’m sharing some of my winter warmer staples when it comes to all that time spent beneath...
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