• Three Things to do with a shower curtain ring

    Years ago, when I changed out my old plastic shower curtain rings for nicer, metal ones, I kept the rings knowing they’d come in handy for something.  Over the years, I’ve grabbed one here and there for different uses around the house with my favorite […]
  • What a Difference a Spray Makes! + Exciting Announcement!

    I’m a big fan of spray paint.  From light fixtures to furniture to fabrics, nothing escapes me and anything and everything can be given a new life.  The term ‘up-cycling’ has been thrown around a lot recently and, in short, refers to taking something old that […]
  • fresh thinking

      *etsy creations clockwise from top left: Vintage fabric applique leaf pillow made by RobinsEggBlue, Upcycled paper flower bouquet made by DeepBlueNotion, ‘Twilight’ by Irene Suchocki, Green blown glass vase made by to hold. spacer? It’s a green scene out my window right now, and although I have no […]
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