• White and Relaxing

    I love finding a good home that mixes comfort and style.  The super tight color palette in this Swedish home helps it to be visually easy on the eyes and seem super relaxing.  That pool certainly doesn’t hurt either. I saved the bedroom for last […]
  • House Envy: A Beautiful Way to 'Eat-in'

    It appears to me that an eat-in kitchen isn’t something that you see too often anymore.  I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t have children (for whom I would need dedicated kitchen space), or if they really are less popular than they once were.  […]
  • London Kitchen with Modern Rustic Flair

    I’m always posting kitchens… I suppose you can tell where I spend a ton of my time! What a wonderful mix of aesthetic here in this London home.  The architecture is sleek and modern, and although there are a few modern chairs peppered in there, […]
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