Take Two! Mini Decanters and Bud Vase Perfection

I can be known to collect all sorts of odds and ends for entertaining, and I’m always so happy to find a really great item which serves two functions.

While looking for bud vases for a wedding I was doing this summer, I was irritated by how old they all looked.  I could just envision them with a long stem red rose and some baby’s breath jutting out the top.  I came across these mini 3 oz decanters for just $1.50 each and was so happy by how they made just a couple springs of anything look great.  I used them just as vases at weddings and around my entire house for a while before actually deciding to use them for their intended purpose – wine!
It’s amazing how much more willing someone is to try a new flavor if they’re only committing to a little splash rather than pouring for themselves from the bottle.

So host a party, or adorn your tabletop with a flurry of vases (strength in numbers!).  Either way, these darling little pieces of glassware will come in quite handy!

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